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Project Bids

Before hiring an electrical contractor, you will need to evaluate what the project entails. Getting bids for work that is going to be performed and the manner in which the work will be performed should be considered.

Find out if everything is included for the price at hand or if there will be additional costs. Sometimes prices in materials go up due to the time difference between the time the estimate was given and the time the actual job is started. Does the quote cover cleanup and removal of replaced components?

If you are comparing bids between two or more contractors, be sure you are comparing apples to apples. Don’t settle for an answer of “it’ll be about a hundred bucks” or you may be paying through the nose in additional charges.

Time Frame of Work

Try to corner your prospect in to giving you a “hard date” for the work he is performing. This could be as simple as a week for the garage and two weeks to complete a lighting project. This project may interrupt your household so knowing when each phase of the project will be completed will be very beneficially.

Price to Complete

Look for a detailed material and labor price sheet. I recommend this because then you’ll be able to see if the contractor is gouging you on material markups or whether they are in reason. Keep in mind that contractors mark up materials to cover their time picking up the materials and fuel charges for delivering them to your home.

Be sure that the figure is agreed on before work begins. Implement a 33% before the project begins (to cover his material costs) and the balance upon completion. I advice never paying more than 50% before the project is completed. This will be a win-win for all. This also eliminates the project from going on and on.

Clarify Any Questions You Have

Eliminate a big mistake people often have when hiring someone. Ask all the questions that may be bothering you about the project. The contractor will likely know the answers and can put you at ease.

Find out just exactly step-by-step how the project will proceed. Remember, this is a professional who has likely completed the very same project many times.


When everything looks and feels fair, you should now be ready to hire this professional. By eliminating the guesswork before the project begins, the project should move ahead smoothly and without a hitch.

Try to be professional also by staying out of the contractor’s way and letting him do the job you hired him to do. I know he will appreciate your cooperation.

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