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Is Your Home Properly Grounded?

The importance of a properly grounded electrical system is paramount. Plug-in type surge protectors will not work as well if the electrical outlet is not properly grounded. Surge protectors at the service entrance will not work as well if the electrical system ground is not properly installed. Proper grounding is important because that is the path the surge protector can efficiently use to divert most types of power surges. Before purchasing or installing service entrance or plug-in type surge protectors, have your electrical system checked to … [Read more...]

5 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring an Electrician

1. Price Guarantee. Will you guarantee the price IN WRITING before you start the work, and stick to that price? Even if the work takes twice as long as you expected? 2. Background Check. Are ALL Of Your Employees Background Checked & Drug Tested So NO Felons, Criminals, Or Drug Addicts Are Entering My Home? 3. Customer Care. Will the electrician show the same care and concern for my home as they do for their own? 4. Licensed. Is your company licensed, insured and employees extensively trained? 5. Warranty. How Long Is Your Warranty? … [Read more...]

Home Electrical Myths

People need to be more aware of whether they are overloading circuits. If you never want a breaker to trip, you might be able to watch your usage carefully enough to prevent that. But normal people, who inadvertently trip breakers (whether weekly or once in five years), are not doing a no-no. The very tripping of breakers is what keeps everyone from ever truly overloading any circuits. So you don't have to wonder or worry. I think this myth arose from a warning not to overload extension cords, but even these will get too hot more from damage or … [Read more...]